My horse Kyra

Look at this perfect painting of Kyra made by Aafke Brouwer, talented artist! Thank you for the portrait, Aafke. I can recommend getting in touch with Aafke if you would like a perfect piece of Art of your own horse!

Kyra is the reason I started this blog. I started blogging my training logbook here (in Dutch).

Sandra Poppema


This little equine portrait is a cute little filly which is being trained by my friend S. She came as a very scared little thing, grown up in the wild. She is the offspring of a mare from a free-roaming group of Exmoor ponies, and a naughty spanish stallion who escaped his comfortable lodgings to have a night of hanky-panky with the wild ladies. Who consequently gave birth to a pack of cruzados, all unwanted because the aim was to keep the Exmoors as a pure herd.

So little Kyra arrived as a shivering bundle of nerves, and my friend S has been working with, and caring for the little lady for about six months now. By now Kyra has about doubled in size, her somewhat crooked legs have become straight, and she has become a very sweet friendly little horse, enjoying working with S. and looking forward to every…

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