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Reward-Based Training for Horses & Riders

My name is Sandra Poppema and my mission is:

Show passionate, smart riders new ways to train & ride their horses in a 100% horse friendly way, that turns their horse into a friend for life. ♥

Since I use 100% reward-based training to communicate with horses I found out that it has many advantages. I found a way to avoid frustration, fear and open up a closed mind. This doesn’t only apply to the horse, but also to the trainer!

Wow, isn’t that great?

Empathy for the horse and knowledge about the natural behaviour and needs of horses makes communication to the horse easier. Therefor the ‘questions’ (training) must make sense to the horse.

My favourite 3 C’s are:

  • Clicker training
  • Centered Riding
  • Classical Dressage


Sandra Poppema

Bachelor degree in Animal management
Certified ORUN instructor (Royal Dutch Horse Federation)
Certified Centered Riding instructor

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