Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

The assignment was to look down and capture the ground beneath your feet.

I never made a picture from this point of view riding my horse. Thank you for watching.


It was quite challenging because I made the picture with my phone. It was hard to sit still, focus and operate my new, big slippery phone with one hand without letting it fall into that ditch you don’t see in the picture.

The feeling that represents this picture is ‘proud’:

-I am proud that I managed to make this picture the way I pictured it, despite the difficulty making a picture with my phone in one hand.

-I am proud to accomplished training my horse the way she is. She is very cooperative and sensitive and she knows so much already. She is only seven years old.

-I am proud that I changed my training methods over the years from traditional to Natural Horsemanship to positive reinforcement to train my horse. You can see Kyra enjoying her reward in this picture.

-I am proud that I accomplished my search for the Holy Grail: a saddle with a perfect fit for horse and human, high quality and beauty. I am enjoying my saddle and my Spanish stirrups every day I look at it or use it.

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Sandra Poppema
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Connection


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected:”

Mees & Kyra


Horses love to be connected: to their herd, their friends, to nature, to other animals and to people. They are very good at it, too.

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Weekly photo challenge: Today Was a Good Day


For the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day” I chose this picture of Kyra. It is taken today, and is was a good day.

We had a lovely morning ride today. The weather was sunny, there was a nice breeze and Kyra did her best, as always. After the ride and her shower she rolled down. For me a moment to enjoy, too.


Sandra Poppema
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Het is de larve van een paarden horzel (dit komt dus uit die gele eitjes die ze in de herfst op de benen hebben)

Larva of a horse bot fly  (Gasterophilus intestinalis)

This is what Kyra pooped out after I dewormed her for the first time. ‘Ewwww! What is that thing?’ is what I thought in horror. I had never seen such a thing and it had been living in my horse! I figured it was some kind of parasite. I loathe parasites!

What could it be? It didn’t look like a worm. I’ve seen different kinds of worms before and this didn’t look like any of the worms I encountered. This thing looked very creepy to me, especially because I had no idea what this was. After some Googling at home, I found out it was the larva of a horse bot fly  (Gasterophilus intestinalis).

This larva is between 1/2 to 3/4 inch (1,27 to 1,91 cm) long and in the picture I put my hoof pick next to it, for comparison. The idea of these larvae living in my horses stomach creeps me out!

If you want to know more about the horse bot fly and its life cycle click here.

Sleep tight tonight and don’t let the bot flies bite… Brrrr

Sandra Poppema
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

For the weekly Photo Challenge I chose this picture.

This is what me inspires every day: Connecting with a horse. From heart to heart.

Horse Quote

This picture of me and a wild Dartmoor foal was taken in a moorland called Dartmoor in Devon, England. This moment was very special, because he was deciding if he could trust me. He showed his trust by reaching out to me to touch my hand with his velvet nose.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close up of Kyra’s eye

The Weekly Photo Challenge of WordPress is Close Up. Every Friday there is a new theme. I liked this one, so I made a picture of Kyra’s eye because I am fascinated by the blue edging in her brown eye.

Next time you come close to a horse, take a good look and see if that horse has a similar edging. WordPress_weekly_photo_challenge_macro_horse_iris_by_HippoLogic

You can’t see it in this picture, but horses have very special shaped pupils too. Sometimes they look like little clouds. Beautiful.

Sandra Poppema

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