‘They Said’, Warnings about Clicker Training Your Horse

Did “they” tell you:
->> your horse would become dangerous by feeding treats?
->> you’ll turn your hores into a mugger?
->> it doesn’t work for all horses, all people, all breeds?
->> your horse will never work for you again without treats?
->> it’s all about the treats and not about YOU?
->> you’ll spoil your horse?
->> that you can’t train everything with R+?

What did THEY tell you?

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What do you say?

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4 thoughts on “‘They Said’, Warnings about Clicker Training Your Horse

  1. I was told I’d turn my horse into a biter, but I turned my biting horse into a relaxed learner. I guess they were rewarding the wrong thing. They told me I was luring my horse but they only watched the first step that initiated movement. I guess they thought teaching the first step was the only step. They said I was spoiling my horse but when I suggested I not pay them for a job well done they thought that was unfair. I guess payment or reward can only happen within a specie. They told me he would not have “go” without rewards but I had a horse that said when and how high. Litrerally I could signal to leave the arena and if I wasn’t careful and didn’t point to the gated exit he would jump the arena fence. And so when they saw my equine dentist show up with her tiny golf bag filled with dental floats they confided in me that they thought I was going to teach my horse how to play golf. I considered that a victory. Who knows what they thought. All I care is that I had a willing learner who never stopped trying.

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    • Jennifer, you hit the nail right on the head with “they only watched the first step”. The start never looks like the end. Never.
      Love this: “All I care is that I had a willing learner who never stopped trying.” You have that relationship that one one else has. Good for you!


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