Ooh, Shiny; a Horse!

Today’s WordPress photo challenge is Ooh Shiny! Diversions, distractions, and delightful detours.

What always distracts you? What can’t you resist not looking at? What is your ‘Ooh, Shiny!’?

Mine is ‘horse’. It doesn’t matter if they are in a pasture next to the highway or printed on a bag in a shop somewhere. I always have to look if I see anything horse-shaped from the corner of my eye. I see horses everywhere, every day. Even when I am on holiday, no matter what country I am in.

_carousel horse_hippologic

This is a banner in the Burnaby Village Museum where they have a  restored 1912 C.W. Parker Carousel. It is really fun to ride the carousel horses!

What is your Ooh, Shiny!

Please share yours in the comments.

Sandra Poppema, B.Sc.
My mission is to improve horse-human relationships by educating equestrians about ethical and horse friendly training. I offer coaching to empower you to train your horse in a 100% animal friendly way that empowers both you and your horse.
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5 thoughts on “Ooh, Shiny; a Horse!

  1. Hi Sandra, once again thank you! You made me smile, in an otherwise quite grim day. Of course horses: wherever they are: they make us stop, turn heads, admire, sigh and so much more. I also can not resist looking at cats, or kittens, or whatever “miaus”. Love the article, and also turning in carousel horses too.

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  2. Well I if I see someone wearing a necklace I ALWAYS check to see if there is a horse charm on it….. Bizarre I know!!! Also on the way to work and on the way home I pass a horse riding business….. I always wonder how I don’t drive onto the wrong side of the road or even off the road because I am staring at all the ponies!! AND if I ever see a float I stretch my neck to see what horse butt might be just sticking out of the top of the ramp door.

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