How to Keep Track of Your Training (the easy way!)

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a dog trainers blog about using a calendar to keep track of your training days. It sounded really easy to implement and it would help you stay motivated to train your pet. It takes only 5 minutes each day.

All clicker trainers know that only 5 minutes of training a day can already have a huge impact on your horses behaviour after only a few weeks. I thought, let’s try it!

No calendars for sale in April

The first hurdle was: I couldn’t find any calendars in the mall. After all, it was already April, so the season for calendars is over.

I still wanted one so I decided to made my own. It took me a few hours but it turned out great! Since I put so much effort in it I might as well share it (read on).

I chose to use a green check mark for each day I trained Kyra. Regardless how long or short my training was: I allowed myself to check that day off!


I never would have thought that it would feel so good to put a check mark on a calendar! It was really reinforcing me to train. Some days I didn’t train at all, but since I already had some check marks that week, I could still feel satisfied about my training.


It is a really simple concept: check off the days you train your horse. It doesn’t matter how long you trained or what the results were. Training = check mark, no training is no check mark.

I chose green check marks because I associate green with ‘good’. You can choose your own favorite colour. Check it out!

Here is my April calendar. It gave me good insights into which days I train almost every week (Mondays are good days for us) and which days it I couldn’t make it (mostly on Sundays). Very helpful!


I must admit: putting a simple check mark was really reinforcing for me and often it gave me that little extra motivation to just do it! I didn’t expect it to be so helpful! Having no pressure for a certain amount of minimum training time also helped to make it a fun experience!

Make your own Free Track Your Training Calendar

If you want my calendar the download is still available. I made it in April 2017 so it is out dated by now.

Download it here: HippoLogic Track Your Training Calendar April-Dec 2017

Please come back and share your experience! Did you like it? Why? Was it not for you, let me know why. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you Anne Bachewich from All Dogs Are Smart for your inspirational blog that made me do all this!

Sandra Poppema, B.Sc.
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