Weekly Photo Challenge: the Baroque Horse

The real name of this WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Curve‘. When I think of horses and curves I think of all baroque horse breeds.

Baroque horses

Wikipedia tells us what baroque horses are:

“The term baroque horse describes a group of horse breeds, usually descended from and retaining the distinctive characteristics of a particular type of horse that rose to prominence in Europe during the Baroque era, after significant development throughout the Middle Ages.

It describes the type of agile but strong-bodied descendants of horses in the Middle Ages such as the destrier. Specific ancestors of this type include the Neapolitan horse, and the Iberian horse of Barb ancestry known in the Middle Ages as the Spanish Jennet.

They are characterized by powerful hindquarters, a muscular, arched neck, a straight or slightly convex profile, and usually a full, thick mane and tail. These horses are particularly well suited for the haute ecole discipline of classical dressage.


Kyra is half Iberian horse and she is blessed with some beautiful curves. I like her curved neck and her round hindquarters and belly.




What kind of horses do you like? Please let me know in the comments. Are you a baroque horse lover too?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: the Baroque Horse

  1. My heart sings when I see heavy, hairy farm breeds. I love Shire horses best, but anything broad chested, muscular and built in that proportions immediately attracts me. Unfortunately I have no place in my life for a giant pulling breed so I keep one in my dreams.


  2. I think horses, and women ;), should be well rounded. I love my Morgans. My old gelding has been accused of being obese his whole life, and he may occasionally be borderline, mostly his curves are just natural.

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