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In December 2015 I went to the exhibition ‘Animal Inside Out‘ . It was really interesting to see all kind of plastinates of animals. They also had several horse plastinates.

Amazing brain

I was excited to see so many horses and horse body parts. All very beautifully displayed and very educational. What stunned me the most was a cross-cut of a horses head. The size of a horses brain is about the same size as my fist! I never realized this. Yet they are so smart!

Here is a cross-cut from a horse head with all the parts.


In this picture you can see where the brain is located and how small it is, compared to humans. Another amazing fact is that horses have the biggest eyes of all land mammals.



Here is the same cross-cut, but now with my hand next to the brain._horse brain_hippologic

What facts about horses amazed you?

Sandra Poppema
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Comments on: "Fact Friday: the Size of a Horse Brain" (2)

  1. Amazing, I would never have thought they have such a small brain, while being so smart!
    Did you find out more interesting things at the exhibition?


    • Hi Inge, I did see more interesting things. They had a head of a horse and they managed to only keep the veins. They also had some other wonderful species (including humans).


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