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The photo challenge from April 1st was Landscape in my mind I was immediately searching for a landscape picture with horses… I remembered the vacation in the UK in Exmoor where we saw Exmoor ponies in the wild.

Their coat is a really good camouflaged in the ferns that are growing on the Moors. In the background you can see the farmers land. It is incredible beautiful. If you are ever in the South of England, do visit Exmoor National Park.


Exmoor pony in Exmoor National Park, England

Exmoor ponies have a special place in my heart because Kyra’s mom is an Exmoor. They have very gentle characters.


Well camouflaged


Did you ever had the chance to see horses in their natural habitat?

Sandra Poppema
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Comments on: "Exmoor pony on the Moors" (8)

  1. I had a horse/pony we believe was a mix of Exmoor and Shetland. I have so many fond memories riding her and telling her all my girlhood secrets 🙂 Love your post!

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  2. What beautiful photos.


  3. Gorgeous pictures!


  4. nice pics! I have unfortunately never ever seen horses in the wild… maybe I should go and visit the Exmoor ponies 😉


  5. Cool. Never knew such a thing existed. Good for them!

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