Key Lessons for Horse Trainers

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3 thoughts on “Key Lessons for Horse Trainers

  1. Nice blog, its good to be aware of where your motivation comes from! So for me I actually want to do straightness training, which is intrinsic, but then on the other hand I also want some extrinsic motivation by having a regular lesson schedule. This helps me to keep practising. But sometimes my intrinsic motivation declines because I feel I did not practise frequently enough and at such moments it is harder to just continue.

    Considering key lessons for trainers, I think the skill of adjusting the speed of your training is an important one. Knowing when it is good to move on to a more advanced level of the exercise or when to do some more repetitions.


    • Thank you for your input. Indeed intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can influence each other. And of course this influences your results.

      It is indeed good to keep in mind when to move on with an exercise, not only for the trainers sake but also for the horse.

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