DIY horse wreath in less than 30 minutes (with instruction video)

Every horse lover should have a horse wreath for on their (stall) door. This is a 30 minute (no mess) Do It Yourself project.

This project is suitable for children (supervised) and adults. You can make the wreath in 6 simple steps. You can find the instruction video at the end of this blog.

DIY horse wreath kerstkrans paard hippologic


  • Pliers
  • Tongs
  • Two metal coat hangers (frame)
  • Chenille stems (frame)
  • Guirlande (garland 2,4 metres)
  • Glitter flower decoration (eye)
  • Glitter pinnacle decoration (mane)
  • Ribbon (bridle)
  • Wreath hanger


1. Straighten the coat hangers with pliers.


2. Shape the hangers into a horse head.

_step2form horsehead_hippologic

3. Make a frame with the chenille stems to attach the guirlande onto.


4. Cut the guirlande into the length of the frame and weave it through the chenille stem frame._Step4attachguirlande_hippologic

5. Make an eye from the floral decoration and attach the wire to the frame._step5bridle_hippologic

6. Form the mane from the glitter pinnacles. Make a bridle with coloured ribbon or a golden garland.


Or you can make a donkey! Look at this picture from “Fans of Little Eddie and Friends” on Facebook

donkey wreath


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