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In response to the weekly photo challenge ‘Trio‘ I selected two pictures I took in 2009.


Kyra, Ziggy and Mees eating hay


In December 2009 Kyra shared a paddock with another mare Mees and a gelding named Ziggy. They made a lovely trio.

Kyra was 1,5 years old, the other horses where 2,5 years old. They had their own happy mini-herd and we, the three owners, where very happy with this arrangement too. They where the only horses on the premises that where not locked in 23/7. It just reminds me of a really happy time in my life!

These pictures are taken in Hoogkerk, Groningen, The Netherlands.


Kyra, Ziggy, Mees (the tallest horse is in fact the smallest)

Sandra Poppema
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Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio" (5)

  1. LOL, I was going to say I loved the first shot and then I saw the second. PERFECT! Both are terrific for the challenge.

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  2. I like the second one a lot as well! Nice play with perception, if you hadn’t mentioned I had in fact believed that Kyra was the biggest horse.

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  3. Oooh as we say in the Netherlands “mooie billen!” 😀


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