Recipe for a Magical Bond

Have you ever seen people that seems to have a magical bond with their horse? I mean riders who can ride their horse without using visible reins or leg aids or even ride their horses around without bridle and saddle. Owners who can calm down their horse even in extreme situations, like when they are badly hurt or panicking. Horses that always like to go for a ride and come cantering or nickering to the gate to greet their owner.

Have you ever thought what you have to do, to develop that special bond, that creates a life long relationship with your horse?

In the books and magazines I used to read when I was a child, it all came natural to those people. They never had to work on their skills. I’ve always wished I could achieve the same. I don’t know if a part of it came natural to me and if so what part that would be. Maybe the only part that came natural to me was my interest in this magnificent animal and the ‘urge’ to connect with them. To work together, like a unity. Build a friendship with a horse. I think I found the recipe to achieve that magical bond.

Recipe to create a magical bond with your horse

Take two pounds of knowledge of natural behaviour and a pound of knowledge of a horses natural needs. Mix in a scoop of  learning theory. Put it in a big cauldron and let it simmer for two weeks on a low fire.

Take the cauldron off of the fire at full moon and add a spoonful of talent and two scoops of patience. Stir carefully until it is smooth and put it back on the fire until the next full moon.

Let the mix cool down a bit and pour in two bottles of common sense, a pinch of cautiousness, a pinch of dare, two table spoons of feel‘ and one package of anatomy (is often found in the same package as health care, put that in too if you have it). Let it cool down in the morning mist in a horse pasture.

When fully cooled, warm it back up with as much love as needed. Add sugar for extra sweetness. If you have some experience and or innovativeness, any amount will do, put that in too.

Pour in silver plated crystal phials. Share among friends while first the sunbeam touches your favourite horse.hippologic_sunset

Warning: Do NOT let any horses sniff or drink it!

Sandra Poppema

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2 thoughts on “Recipe for a Magical Bond

  1. I need a love button for this. Not just for the recipe but also for the introduction to it.

    I am one who quests for the bond above other horsey goals. Like you say, it wasn’t natural for me in the way literature had made me feel it would be, but something that had to be crafted from the right ingredients.

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