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Velcro or Hoop & Loop are great inventions. It is used on many items like horse boots, blankets, bandages, breeches, bags, braces, gloves, safety vests and so on. The downside is that in the barn Velcro always get full of horse hair, hay and dirt. Everyone with horses knows that._velcro_cleaning_closeup_hippologic

I found a really easy way to clean Velcro. Before I wash anything with Velcro on it, I first clea__Velcro_hippologic_cleaningn the Velcro and close it before I put it into my machine. I don’t want all that hay and hair in there.

Metal cat brush
One day I bought this cheap brush for my cats at the Dollarshop. My cats hates it because it is really sharp with the metal ‘hairs’.

I started to brush my IKEA sheepskins with it before vacuuming. They got really nice and fluffy again, so I started to use that brush on my fake sheepskin saddle pad. That worked great too: it got all nice and soft and fluffy again.

Then I started the brush on cleaning the brush on my vacuum cleaner and one day I tried on Velcro. Wow!_velcro2_boot_hippologic

Fast, easy and cheap
This brush really does an amazing job on Velcro. I can really recommend it. I wonder why no tackshop is selling these brushes. It would be a real hit. With the metal cat brush I can clean Velcro in a matter of seconds as you can see in this video. I think I only paid $1 or maybe $2 , so it is a really good buy!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring cleaning!_velcro2a1_boot_hippologic

Enjoy the video I made about it. Please leave a comment, thank you!

Sandra Poppema


Comments on: "Easy way to clean Velcro or Hook and Loop" (3)

  1. I never knew you could clean velcro so quick and easy. I don’t usually have such large areas of velcro to clean, but I’ll keep this trick in mind.


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