R+, reward-based training and how to apply it on ME

Wow, the other day when I was walking my meditation walk in the woods it hit me! There is still something missing in my training own life and I discovered what it was… I was totally surprised. So simple and why didn’t I recognize this earlier?

A few months ago I rediscovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) / ‘tapping’. I’ve been ‘tapping’ like crazy to change certain mindsets that are keeping me back.

When I was walking in the beautiful rain forest near my house and became really settled down in my thoughts, I suddenly realized that I am still full of R- and Negative Punishment towards myself.

I am ‘beating myself up’ mentally about all kinds of things in order to get those things done or done better, faster and so Rewards aheadon. Doesn’t work on me, let me tell you that, but I still do it. I tried this approach to train my horse, but my stubborn pony didn’t want to work for me, if I treated him like that: become better first and maybe you get some reward… later.


Anyway, I started tapping on my inner critic and started to change my mindset to ‘reward the slightest try’ for myself to be a better spouse, mom, me, trainer, friend, blogger, business woman et cetera.

Using Reward-Based training on myself gives me the complete opposite feeling from nagging myself about things. I now feel very supported and loved by myself. And… things get done now. With a smile. And a satisfied feeling, too. I found an upwards spiral! Wow!

Focus op elke voortgang, focus on every progress

This pic says: ↖ REWARDS – PUNISHMENT ↘


Why did it have to take so many years to realize that I am still not applying R+ 100% on myself? Yes, I use it on my hubby, my son, my clients and total strangers with great results, but why was I not using it on me? Of course it is easier to see and appoint  progress in others than in yourself. I thought I did support myself, but when I was meditating in the woods I noticed that I was still criticizing me.

I kept telling myself that I hadn’t not yet reached perfection to earn a compliment or reward. Of course, it is just a coping system I learned when I was little. But it is never too late or too difficult to change, right? Now I have found the right tool, like EFT, to help me change now.

I can acknowledge every little step towards success in my process now and focus on that,Reward the slightest try instead of focusing on all the steps I have not reached yet.


One step at the time and I am doing a great job! Well done, Sandra!

Sandra Poppema

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